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September 11, 2021
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November 23, 2021

Trials of osiris carries and carry loot

  1. Trials of Osiris is here and with it bringing LOOT! Trials is an endgame PVP mode that brings some of the most high end, high tier weaponry and weapon mods the game has to offer. Upon going flawless within the playlist you are rewarded with the opportunity to receive rewards such as the weekly adept weapon, the Trials of Osiris exclusive ship or sparrow, and ghost shell as rewards for your triumph, however, they’re incredibly rare rewards. The current loot pool for Trials of Osiris contains many weapons such as the following: The summoner auto rifle, The Scholar scout rifle, The messenger pulse rifle, Igneous hammer hand cannon, Shayura’s wrath sub machine gun, Astral horizon shotgun, Exiles curse fusion rifle, Eye of Sol sniper rifle, Sola’s scar sword, Tomorrow’s answer rocket launcher, Reed’s regret linear fusion rifle. With the loot pool being increased every season there is plenty of loot to be obtained and sought after from the game mode itself. Also, all of the listed weapons have adept versions which are rewarded from the lighthouse chest and are available to slot the associated adept mods such as adept Icarus and adept big ones. Trials of Osiris also has its own unique armor which it rewards, with every year of Trials Bungie will be releasing new weapons and armor for players to chase, so far we have had 2 armor sets and they’re only available for the current Trials season they’re released in. This year we have the Pyrrhic ascent armor set and last year we had the Exile armor set returning from Destiny one. With the release of Witch queen, we will likely be seeing a whole new set and plenty of new weapons to grind out. Trials of Osiris has received a new focus from Bungie recently as they attempt to revitalize the game mode with plenty of new changes from community requested changes to their own ideas which they’re beginning to test with the new Trials labs game mode. On occasion, Bungie will be using the Trials labs to test out specific modes during Trials such as control and other objective type modes to see how the community reacts and enjoys the playlist change. They’re also taking a step further to make games more competitive by bringing forward a “Flawless pool” for players once they’ve gone flawless. This hasn’t been met with the best reception but we applaud Bungie for trying and making changes where needed. One of the biggest changes is the removal of Trials tokens and the addition of Trials ranks, allowing for players to rank up and reset their reputation at saint 14 similar to lord shaxx and the crucible, you will receive extra trials rewards and materials via this form of progression. There is also a new system similar to the umbral system we have but instead for trials, allowing you to turn in a 7 win ticket and a trials engram for a focused reward of your choice.

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