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February 9, 2023
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“Two Aliens” Sample Pack Vol.1



“Two Aliens” Sample Pack Vol.1 by ReGroup Records is a collection of high-quality loops and samples for electronic music production. With a tempo of 145 bpm, this pack includes a variety of drum loops, including 12 kicks, 9 hi-hats, 6 snares, and 5 crashes, as well as 28 bass loops and 6 percussive loops. Additionally, the pack features 10 drum fills, 22 synth samples, 14 melodies, 1 build-up, 14 vocal samples, and 6 ambient loops. This pack is perfect for producers looking to add a unique and otherworldly touch to their tracks.

Demo :


Two Aliens Sample Pack Vol.1 (ReGroup Records)
All 145 bpm (with key)
12 Kicks Loops
28 Bass Loops
9 HiHats Loops
6 Snare Loops
5 Crashes
6 Percursos Loops
10 Drum Fills
22 Synths
14 Melodies
1 Build Up
14 Vocals
6 Ambiences

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