How to Sign Up for Trials of “Destiny 2” Earn Loot Despite Being Terrible at Trials

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May 20, 2022
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How to Sign Up for Trials of “Destiny 2” Earn Loot Despite Being Terrible at Trials
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Even though the emphasis of this season was on the Iron Banner, Destiny 2 has brought back the Trials of Osiris just in time for the weekend. The best new treasure can be found in the Trials. There are three new armor sets, a fusion rifle, and two new sidearms added to the game.

However, if you aren’t a player that focuses on PvP in Destiny 2, it may seem like a waste of time to try to go after that content. The good news is that previous revisions to Trials have made it far easier than you may expect it to be. I mean, you’re going to need some patience and tenacity, but we’ve come a long way since the days when failing a Trial meant that you got absolutely nothing at all to take with you if you walked away from the experience.

Despite the fact that I am not very good at Trials, I was able to get three firearms, a whole set of monkey armor for my Hunter, as well as a few pieces for my Titan, and the Aisha’s Embrace weapon, which I did not have previously. That amounted to maybe two to three hours’ worth of focused gameplay, during which I suffered several defeats.


Now, some words of advice:

This particular weekend is not the best time to give it a go. It is even worse than usual because A) there is no freelance playlist, which means that you will always face three-stacks, B) there is no double rep, and all of our advancement and loot is coming from rep rank-ups, and then C) matchmaking is also broken, and it is now in “wild west” mode, which means that you can match against any team, at any point on their card, which results in more difficult matches for players who are already struggling. You may want to hold off until next week, when the rep bonus will be doubled and perhaps the matching issues will be solved.

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But you still want to get your hands on the booty, don’t you? Fine. This is what you need to be aware of:

You don’t need to win the game, but you do need to win the rounds. Even if you only manage to win one round out of five, I will consider it a victory given how the match is going thus far. You are not aiming for perfect here, therefore never reset your card (Ferocity, we do not care about loss forgiveness). Keep using your card until you have won a total of 20 rounds; this will ensure that you get the greatest amount of rep possible moving ahead. Although victories earn more experience points (Rep), you will still acquire at least 100 Rep for each defeat, allowing you to move up in ranks even if you lose. Major levels bring you significant drops of Trials treasure, lesser ranks earn you Trials engrams.
Transform your engrams from the Trials into Rahool. This is the method by which you will put together the new armor set, and it also gives you a good chance of obtaining any weaponry that you are currently lacking, including the brand-new Fusion Rifle. You are unable to get the new Sidearm unless you either achieve level 16 at Saint to unlock it or it has the possibility to drop from a Flawless chest (but that ain’t us). For whatever reason, this restriction is in place and cannot be circumvented. Therefore, it is a laborious task that even I am not going to fully do during the course of the weekend.
When it comes to actually playing Trials, all you need to do is get yourself as comfy as possible. It is not necessary for you to go about with a shotgun and hand cannon simply because that is what everyone else is doing. Identify the member of your matchmade team who has the most illustrious title, and make it a point to shadow them. Preferred states are unbroken or flawless. Reckoners are insane enough to be excellent even if none of the other things are true. Follow the player who has the highest season rank since you can be sure they get a lot of game time, even if they don’t have any good championships. Just don’t attempt to be a hero and strike off on your own without anybody else. Give your squad your full support and encouragement.

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Don’t walk away from the games. Again, if you have any victories on your card at all from previous rounds, you will still be moving forward even if you lose many rounds in a row. And quitting gaming is a terrible decision in any case. Look, I’ve been tempted when I find myself going up against a three stack with faultless emblems and adept loadouts, but you have to maintain your ground since they can grow smug and give away a round or two if you back down.
It’s not particularly enjoyable to grind out drops in this manner, but at least there’s a route to potential complete armor sets and Trials treasure drops now, when before there wasn’t any path there for players who weren’t piling up victories. The tides have turned, and from now on, everyone will have access to the riches from the Trials. Even us.

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