Answering the Most Frequently Asked ‘Destiny 2’ Questions on Google

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April 9, 2022
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May 20, 2022

In fact, if you’ve ever searched for Destiny or Destiny 2, you’ve definitely come across not just my articles (such as this one!) but also a section on the website titled “People also ask,” which includes questions from other players.

I despise this area since it contains largely AI-generated responses that are not very informative and do not connect out to articles like mine, even if they are cited as a source in the section in question. As a result, I decided to put up a small guide to address some of the most often asked questions regarding the game, according to Google at least.\

Is Destiny 2 Complete and Undead now completely free?
I’m sorry, but I have some awful news. Yes, Destiny 2 did become free-to-play for a brief period of time, but it quickly withdrew the entire launch campaign, as well as the first two years of DLC and seasonal content, all of which had previously been available for free. While it is true that you may technically download Destiny 2 for free at this time, the breadth of what you can do is far more restricted than it was before. You may go to any planet, but you will not be able to complete the narrative objectives related with those zones until you purchase the necessary seasons or expansions. You may listen to the Strike, Crucible, and Gambit playlists at no cost whatsoever. Prophecy, a free dungeon, and Vault of Glass, a free raid, are both available. You will, however, most likely want to purchase some expansion or seasonal content after completing the brief, free initial set of missions in the Cosmodrome, if you like what you are seeing thus far. That’s sort of the purpose, isn’t it?

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